Group Life Insurance

Life Insurance, also known as Life Assurance and Term Insurance, pays out a lump sum in the event of the policy holder’s death or being diagnosed as terminally ill.  Often the argument for avoiding life insurance is, "If I die, I won’t need the money". True, but your family, your business or your favourite charity might!   So if you have any dependents, human or otherwise, life insurance should be considered.

Group Life Considerations

Whether looking to provide a financial safety net for your employee's families - or simply wanting to provide additional cover to what already exists – contact us and we will assist you in choosing the right type of cover to suit your needs.

Things to consider when taking out life insurance include:

  • What length of policy should be chosen?
  • A single or joint life insurance policy?
  • What level of cover is needed?
  • Is there a need to cover any outstanding mortgage?
  • Who should receive the benefit?
  • Should the policy be placed in a Trust?

Please note that there is no ‘cash in value’ at any time. If the premiums cease to be paid for, prior to the term end, or the policy holder survives to the end of the plan term of cover, then no money will be returned.

For assistance in finding the right level of cover to suit your needs, please contact us for a free quote.