12th May, 2021

What are the benefits of an Employee Assistance Programme?

Health Assured have taken time to elaluate and share with you the impact of their Employee Assiatance Programme on businesses in the UK. 

EAPs offer employers the opportunity to provide affordable and effective healthcare for their staff - take a look at the some of the headlines from Health Assured's own literature:

  • 35% reduction in workplace stress
  • 72% lift in return-to-work rates
  • 45%  reductaion in mental health - related sickness and absence
  • £12+ ROI*
  • 18% improvement in employee turnover
  • 8% boost to employee productivity
  • 36% reduction in staff absence

What Do Health Assured Offer?

Health Assured help over 13 million lives overcome physical, mental, social and financial challenges.  Their EAP offers a complete resource of wellbeing services including:

  • 24/7, 365 confidential helpline
  • Face-to-face counselling sessions
  • Structured telephone counselling sessions
  • Their online wellebing portal & My Healthy Advantage smartphone app
  • Legal & financial assistance
  • Critical incident advice & telephone support
  • Active Care:  Day 1 intervention for anxiety, stress & depression-related absence
  • Relationship management support & usage reporting
  • Medical information line
  • Management support line & counselling

Contact us today on 01908 990307 if you'd like to hear more about the beneifits of an employee assistance programme.

*2018 All information re-produced from materials supplied by Health Assured